2017. január 26., csütörtök

An expanded viewpoint with fresh ideas and experiences

Dear Readers,

I have not been updating my blog since the end of 2014. Today, I can announce my reappearance that will be followed by monthly posts about trials. The format will not be adjusted, it will remain the same. I am going to maintain the bilingual existence of my blog “Greatest Trials of History” ; Hungarian and English language posts can be expected continuously. 

I started this blog for two specific reasons during high school. One reason was personal interest, since I have been planning on going to Law School. This plan remains the same. The second reason was that I felt that analyzing past trials in depth might serve as useful preparation for Law School. In the past few years, while I have been editing my blog, I have been preparing my university application to the United States and to the United Kingdom. In 2015, I chose Boston University’s offer. After three semesters I already possess junior standing, because I believe that if there is an opportunity to obtain my degree of Political Science (and German language specialization) early, then I must do everything in order to obtain it in 3 years instead of 4. With all this in mind, I am approaching a new application procedure, however, this process will target US Law Schools. I will graduate from Boston University in May 2018 and I will enter the halls of a currently ‘mysterious’ Law School in September. I am looking forward to finally engage in the study of law and in order to build a strong application profile, I highly believe that, by the continuation of analyzing famous trials, I will be able to build my application with refreshed mind about the world of law. As a matter of fact, I have been continuously elevating my interference with the legal world as an undergraduate, by visiting trials in the United States and Hungary and by gaining valuable internship opportunities at Hungarian legal firms. I hope, that after 3 semesters of intensive college work at Boston University, and on the brink of my senior year, I will be able to publish immensely interesting posts about trials that demonstrate  legal battles, legal thinking, and — to sum up my view about what a lawyer’s career involves— to demonstrate individual fates, lives and all that a brilliant lawyer can change by mastering the art of legal action in court. 

I am going to start working right away and I will keep my readers updated!
Let’s embark on the journey of law and justice through my blog, that has been refreshed by intensive college level experience with all the requirements of growing up alone, away from home. I hope it will be as enjoyable for you, as it will be for me!

Krisztian Janos Pivarnyik

January 26, 2017.

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